This book is dedicated to discribing the heart of our Heavenly Father.

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Redeeming Your Mind

Thinking Right

In the garden we see Adam & Eve with their true Identity and mind until in a moment of time they found themselves ashamed!!! Why were they ashamed when their physical state had not change, so what changed. Their mind change and excepted the lie and this changed their lives forever. Many Christians today are walking around trying to fulfill their call in God yet with so many lies in their minds that they cannot receive truth any longer. Many walk around with their heads down low yet the bible tell us we are more then conquerors in Christ. The bible tell us we are seated with Christ but many except the lie that said they are not worthy. Jesus said He washed away all our sins yet we still walk and talk as thou we are still sinners. Yes I agree if I fall into sin I must repent and he will wash me again. The bible tell us to renew our minds that means back to what it once was like. Adam & Eve did not lose the image and likeness of God it was just covered by sin and wrong thinking. When Jesus die on the cross he removed all our sin and lies and took away the veil of our mind so we can now see our true identity. We are in the Image of Christ fully redeemed by His blood.  

Scriptures related to this word.

Jeremiah 1:5 He knew us

Romans 12 , 1-2 Renew your mind

Prov.23-7 As a man thinks so is he.

Eph 4 17-24 putting away lieing

2 Cor. 3 11-16 The veil is the false image we walk in but Jesus destroyed the veil.

2 Cor. 4 1-4 whose minds the gods of this age has blinded

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Abba Father Had  A Dream. by Larry Graham

This Book was inspired as I sat with our Father and he opened up to me his dream for humanity. It all began as I asked Him the question " Why did you put the Tree of Good & Evil in the garden knowing man would eat of it. Have you ever asked yourself the same question. Many believe God was checking to see if they would be obedient. Interesting thou Jesus was already destined to go to the cross for our sins. When I asked the question Father brought me to the scripture "Let us make man in our image and likeness". He had me focus on the word make. This means for us to be made in His image and likeness this is not instant but is a process. Again for many Christians we believe we were made in His image and likeness at the moment when He said " so I created them in our image and likeness male and female". Notice the word changed from make to created. Create only mean He brought forth or began the process. We can see this 
Gen 3:22
22 Then the LORD God said, "Behold, the man has become like one of Us, to know good and evil. And now, lest he put out his

This indicates the process of becoming in the image and likeness of God. As you read this book many interesting revelations of His word will come alive. 

This is my lattest book that will help our readers prepare to meet our King when we die or when He returns. We will also discrible the conditions the earth will be in at His return. 


The Greatest of these is Love

In to days north American Christianity we find many coming to church for the soul purpose of receiving. This is expected at the beginning until you find comfort at the place of worship. Yet after some time we must come to the place where we begin to serve and give unto the Body of Christ. Math. 12:18 speaks of the greatest servant His name is Jesus and we are to be followers of Him. Math. 23:11 said He who is greatest among you shall be your servant. When Jesus returns it speaks of the happy people that He finds because they are serving when He returns. 1 Cor. 12:31 speaks of desiring and cultivating our gifts and talents through Love because with out Love it will have little or no value.

Grace Ministries Windsor

New Teaching

Leaders Formed By Grace

 This teaching will be much different than your typical leadership teaching. Most leadership teaching manuals require you to follow rules set forth by someone in leadership.

With Jesus He just required them to follow Him. If we decide to follow Him He will makes us all great leaders and great servants. With the help of our precious Holy Spirit and the Grace we were saved by we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. Starting up in Jan. 2015

Fathers Love

John 3-16 For God so loved the world

Jesus came to the earth to reveal our true Father we grow up with another Father and he was the father of lies. John 8:44 he was a liar from the beginning 

John 8 -42 speaks of Jesus coming out from the Father to reveal us to our true Father

1John 4-16 God is Love. How many of us see our Father as hard and demanding yet He sent His son in our place in order to show us His Love and redeem us back by cleansing us from ALL sin!!!

Many in the body of Christ have a difficult time believing in the message of love or grace and except the message of destruction, pain disobedience, and that Father is a hard man.  Matt.25-24 shows what happen to a man because he believed his master was a hard man so he hid his talent instead of building more. The other two saw their master in a different way and produce much more then they received.

The Five Accession Gifts

Eph. 4:11 This scripture has been taught so many different ways. Many believers do not believe in Apostles, or Prophets today and only rely on the Pastor. I find this very interesting because in order for the body to come to maturity was must have these gifts working in us. As I studied these scriptures I found that Jesus placed all 5 of these gifts or natures in all believers but they are not mature. How do we mature these gifts or natures is simple we get around those that manifest a greater maturity then ourselves which causes the gift or nature to mature in us. This means we need each other and no one is greater then another.

The Apostle has a governing nature

The Prophet has a Declaring nature

The Teacher has an explaining nature

The Pastor has a caring nature

The Evangelist has a reaching nature

I understand there is very much more we could say about these natures but to keep this simple to understand we will begin with these.

If you notice if you were to spend a great deal of time with and Evangelist most likely you soon would feel the need to reach people. What we see is happening is that the Evangelistic nature in you is beginning to mature. When you look at your brothers and sisters you will notice one of these five natures stands out. What we see today is a Pastor standing before a church and we believe he can give us all we need. When a person begins to oversee a church we see a governing nature more than a Pastoral nature. The more time we spend with each of these natures the faster we will mature. At some point we should see ourselves moving in all 5 natures. Jesus gave these names for identification not for titles to look up to. As the disciples spent time with Jesus who demonstrated all 5 natures after 3.5 years they also began to demonstrate those 5 natures. Yes we need Apostles, Prophets, Teacher, Pastors, & Evangelist in order to mature the gift with in us. More info or discussion email me at